Finding Your Why- Pitfalls of Chasing the What in your Pursuit of Health and Wellness

In this episode of the “Crying to My Cheesecake” podcast, host Danielle explores the concept of going beyond surface-level thinking in pursuit of health and wellness. After a brief hiatus, Danielle shares her personal experience of taking an unexpected break and reflects on the importance of addressing deeper issues in life. She introduces the theme of the episode – the significance of moving beyond “what” questions.

Danielle challenges the common approach of focusing on external outcomes and instant gratification, emphasizing that merely answering “what” questions leads to superficial solutions. She introduces the idea of a three-part series on finding one’s “why” in the pursuit of health and wellness. By delving into the root causes of health issues rather than superficial symptoms, she advocates for a more holistic and long-term approach.

The episode explores the pitfalls of seeking quick fixes, highlighting the vulnerability that comes with the desperation for change. Danielle discusses the emotional aspect of health woes and how marketing often preys on feelings of shame, disappointment, fear, frustration, and guilt. She urges listeners to invest in preventative care, emphasizing the importance of working with the body to allow it to heal itself.

Danielle concludes by introducing an activity for listeners to identify and reflect on the symptoms they are currently experiencing, both physically and emotionally. She invites them to share their reflections with her and teases the next episode in the series, which will delve into the “how” of finding one’s “why” in health and wellness.


Welcome to the crying to my cheesecake podcast where we are in pursuit of living life abundantly, not held back by our body size or symptoms, nor are we held back by our hurts, habits or other obstacles in life. Learn the secrets to crush it in your health, wellness, relationships, and spiritual life. I am Danielle, your host, host and practitioner.

And in this episode, we are going to dive into some perspective that not many other people in my profession have. But first of all, can I say I’m back? I realize I have not published a podcast episode since November 1st. And it is currently November 22nd, the day that a podcast episode should have gone live, um, typically.

So, I’ve missed a couple weeks, but sorry this is late, but hey, you got it anyway. I did what I have been teaching my Wilderness of Wellness members. I took a break. I took an unexpected break from this, um, but also an unexpected break from everything. And it wasn’t that what happened was unexpected, but I…

Um, really do work nonstop and that’s a problem. Um, that’s a problem with lots of things in my life, including my relationships and my own health. So, um, but I did, I went to Hawaii and I will talk more about that in another episode. Um, actually the episode after this, I will be sharing about my Hawaii trip and just kind of breaking down how I got to go to Hawaii for 293 round trip and what I was doing there and just some lessons I learned.

from that. So without further ado, I really like this has been on my heart, uh, for a while. And this is really probably why I do what I do in my practice within my membership, the wilderness of wellness and within my one to one clinical approach in my new patient wellness package or my follow up packages.

This is what I’m doing. And it’s, it’s part of what makes my programs and my approach so unique. So, all right. So you see, we. Have learned to go to the doctor and talk about what I want you to think about the word what this whole episode the word What okay, we go to the doctor and we talk about what is going on in our lives We talk about what health problems we’re having and that is as far as it really goes your doctors my doctors Don’t have and probably cannot make the time Depending on their contracts with their hospitals with their companies that they work for where they work They cannot actually take the time to go deeper than the surface The word what is a surface level question.

It is a surface level Approach to everything when I say what color is the sky? I’m not getting to know you, and I’m not getting to know anything about the sky. If I were to say, how is the sky blue? Well, we could go and talk through that, but then we can talk about why is the sky blue? And I’m going to have a deeper relationship, a different, deeper knowledge of why the sky is actually blue.

So this is the first of a three part series of finding your why. Finding your why when it comes to chasing and pursuing health and wellness. And I want to talk about the what because so many times everything we do, everything out in the market seems to be so surface level. If you’re answering what questions, what, W H A T, types of questions, you’re answering surface level questions and going to get Only surface level band aids.

And that’s it. When we start dieting programs, like many of you have, like I have, we are seeking to answer the what. What’s wrong with me? Well, most common is weight. Weight is what’s wrong. Because we think weight is the reason we have diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, or we use that diagnosis. of heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems as an excuse to not go any deeper and just say, this is how it is, and I can’t do anything about it.

So there’s twofold. There’s twofold. We talk about what we think is wrong. With us, the surface level that’s wrong. And then we also use it as an excuse that we can’t do anything about it so that we can feel better about ourselves. But I’m here to rock the boat. I’m here to stand out, to be audacious, to give you capital T truth.

And in fact, in my mastermind from Australia, the last episode. You heard me talking about some of my Australia trip and how things were a little bit different there and how fun I had, the fun I had and things like that. But one of the things that I was challenged to do was to create an audacious action plan for my business.

And I was supposed to list out three audacious actions that would Help me to show up more uniquely me. And this episode is going there. Everywhere I’m going, if you’re following me on Instagram, which you should be, um, at cryinginmycheesecake, make sure you’re following me there because you get to see a lot more me, a lot more input, a lot more things there, a lot of resources I put up there for free.

all the time. Um, but I need to become more unique in my marketing and how I talk to you and how I connect with you because I am not like everybody else. And in this episode I’m, one of my action plans is to stand up for truth and that’s what I’m doing here. This is what makes me unique is that I’m going to tell you the truth.

That answering, or answering what questions, the questions that with the word what. are surface level and you’re going to get a surface level band aid and that’s it. So, I want to introduce you to a concept that is completely different than you’ve probably heard, or if you’ve heard, you’ve not ever truly grasped.

When you focus on the external, the what, When it comes to your health and wellness, you’re headed down a path of instant gratification. Think about it this way, fast results, before and after photos, people standing next to or inside of their old pants, showing non scale victories, all of these things, and I’m not saying none of these things are that all of these things are bad, but what I’m saying is marketing uses and our brains.

Use and want this instant gratification, fast results. But let me remind you, you didn’t get where you are today because of something that happened nine months ago. Now you may have, there may be other circumstances for some of you listening that maybe nine months ago something happened. But if you got a diagnosis nine months ago, something was happening long before then.

Short of a car accident or some freak accident that happened nine months ago, what happened nine months ago is not going to be solved. In another nine months, 90 days, however you want to say it. And when you look at these fast results that trigger your need for instant gratification, I want you to think about this.

How many of them have actually kept that weight off? Let’s talk about, we’re talking about weight loss, just kind of keeping it even here. How many people have actually kept the weight off? Well, I can tell you because statistics tell us that only 5% of people will keep their weight off after they have done some form of dieting program.

Especially those drastic ones. Even people who use, um, Ozempic or Wago V or the new ones, only five of them will be able to, 5% of them will be able to come off of those injections and keep that weight off. They’re gonna need that medicine for the rest of their lives. And then when that medicine stops working, or God forbid, causes death, and I’ll talk about that later in the line, it stops.

It stops working. There is no band aid, even those who do weight loss surgeries. Only 5 percent keep the weight off. That’s it. Why is it though? Why do we spend so much money, so much time, our two most precious commodities, only to rebound again? Why does that happen? And I’m here to tell you why it happens.

It’s because we’re so focused on the what, the surface level, the instant gratification results. That’s all we want. Remember how I talk about how people want to come to me to feel sexy, to feel, um, powerful, confident, and, and empowered and good about themselves. It’s about that external thing that they want.

We think everything ends in a before and after photo and the work is done once we’ve hit that after photo. But that’s not the case. Weight issues, blood sugar, heart disease, thyroid, all have root causes that go much deeper than the what. And they need and require a much different approach. And so often we’re focused on the external outcomes and it’s not just with weight loss.

I want you to think about it. We want to celebrate lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, less headaches, etc. When we are given a pill injectable and just, or we just start with exercise and we see some change. But none of these things are necessarily wrong for you. Don’t get me wrong, but I want you to think about how you’re, about your approach to your health.

I don’t want you settling for less, my friend. I want to bring you along with me. We were not created to live small and to live in fear of change or fear of the unknown because that’s really what changes change is Stepping into the unknown and that’s living small that’s living less than I don’t want you to become a statistic that ozempic craze Ozempic is a drug that was created for type 2, for the type 2 diabetic.

But they notice, off label, it seemed to work for weight loss too. So they, they meaning doctors, started prescribing it. And doctors, some of them, started abusing it with people who didn’t have massive weight issues that needed to be addressed. People are flocking to lose that last 5 to 10 pounds. And recently, a mom died using Ozempic to simply prepare for her son’s wedding.

What? Where have we come that we want a pill? That we are satisfied with a pill to fix that out surface level issue. So what happens after she quits the ozempic? Let’s just say she had lived. What happens if she quits the ozempic? Or God forbid she kept going. None of that is healthy. Dependency on any kind of substance is not healthy.

But this shows how desperate we are. We will do whatever it takes as long as it is easy, and we don’t have to change anything about ourselves, but still get those results that we want. We’re vulnerable. We’re vulnerable when we’re desperate for change. We are targets for quick fix solutions that may actually do more harm than good.

Chasing the what? What you want, that external instant gratification has led so many people to disappointment and frustration. And our health woes are emotional, aren’t they? It doesn’t matter what age you are, you may feel shame, disappointment, fear, frustration, guilt. You may be desperate for that quick solution to solve those uncomfortable feelings or emotions.

Do you see what I just did there? Our health issues, we may start to feel shame, disappointment, fear, frustration, guilt. And because these feelings are uncomfortable, We make emotional decisions for that quick fix. Something our, um, I’ve had people leave me, like leave working with me, um, due to finances or just whatever.

They needed something different and that’s totally fine. They were seeking quick fixes. Wanted me to come chase them. Wanted me to give them something that would just fix it and then they would not do or access and let go of these feelings. Oh, I’m just, I’m not an emotional person, but yet would say, I’m not motivated to do X, Y, Z.

I don’t feel motivated this week. Okay, cool. I don’t either. I don’t feel motivated to show up all the time, but motivation, it only happens after we have taken action. So. All that to say, marketing preys on these emotions of shame, disappointment, fear, frustration, and guilt. Companies and even colleagues of mine want you to feel good fast, so they’re going to prey on those emotions.

But I believe you deserve better than that. You deserve more than surface level healthcare. You deserve to go deeper than the what. Deeper than the what. You deserve a practitioner who understands the deeper aspects of health and honoring the body’s innate intelligence that only comes from God. We can’t outsmart the body.

A pill does not outsmart the body. The value of investing the time and effort into a holistic, long term approach rather than a quick fix is being looked at for who you are and what you bring to the table. Realizing that you’re the sum Of your whole lived experience, not just your symptoms, your symptoms are the what?

The value investing time and effort into a long, long term holistic approach rather than the quick fix is preventative care. What does preventative care actually mean? It means working with the body to allow it to heal itself. So they can maybe prevent diseases, reverse diseases even. Allows you to address your whole being, not just the symptoms.

But even more. You’re going to be able to show up to work with more mental fortitude and focus so you have more efficiency, intimacy, and connection in your relationships when you feel great and confident because your body is working well. Opportunities to go and serve your community. Do that passion work that makes you feel like you’re leaving a legacy, the joy that comes from your favorite activities.

I approach wellness differently. Because our external health is often a reflection of our internal well being. Let me explain it like this. If you have dry, ashy skin, you’re likely not absorbing enough fatty acids for your body’s needs, okay? This is an internal problem shown on the outside. Addressing the what or the surface level looks like slathering on that lotion every day.

I’m wondering, huh, this lotion is only working, you know, part time. I got to go do it in the middle of the day now. I’ve got to do it three and four times a day. Whereas if you go deeper, what deeper looks like in my approach is addressing the reason why the fatty acids aren’t being absorbed. Not just giving you omegas, not giving you fish oils, because fish oils is yet another bandaid.

It’s not, taking fish oil, if you’re not absorbing your fatty acids, which is very clear on your dry, ashy skin, or if you have flaky feet, for example, just giving you fatty acids doesn’t fix it either because you can’t even absorb that. Spiritually, spiritually, no, we know for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

What’s in our heart, good or bad, is going to be what comes out of your mouth. If your heart is full of bitterness, bitterness is going to come out of your mouth. If you’re full of joy, joy is going to come out of your mouth and inside out approach can lead to more sustainable and meaningful results for you.

So, like I said, this is going to be a three part series of episodes because I want to really break down for you how to find your why, but also why addressing the why in your health is so important to your security, your confidence, your relationships, and your relationship with God. So, to wrap this up, I want you to do an activity for me, seriously.

I want you to sit down sometime today, maybe if you’re driving, obviously don’t do it now, but I want you to sit down and tell me or write out what symptoms you’re experiencing right now. Answer the what’s, physically, mentally, in your heart. What is there? What’s going on? Right? Give a heart dump. Dump a heart.

Dump everything that’s going on with you. Everything that’s going on with you right now. What do you actually need? Give yourself some time to dump and then go back and add to it. And if you’re brave enough, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a picture of your heart dump or write to me at hello at crying to my cheesecake.

com. Because in this next episode, we are going to discuss the how of finding your why. How in your health and wellness is your next step. I want to empower you to truly understand your why. Why you’re feeling the way you do. Why you need a holistic health and root cause approach to your health and wellness.

Why you’re going to stick to a program or a process and go deeper and truly be able to live this out authentically. Are you with me? I cannot wait to take you deeper.

Thank you for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider screenshotting and sharing it on your social media, telling your friends what you learned from this episode, you can also leave a five star rating and consider leaving a written review of what you learned until next time.

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