Crafting a Sober Oasis: The Rise of Lauren’s Alcohol-Free Stores in Central Indiana

Join the conversation with Kristen, co-owner of Loren’s Alcohol-Free Stores, as she shares the journey from sobriety exploration to curating a unique space for non-alcoholic enthusiasts. Explore the surprises and delights awaiting at Loren’s, a haven for those embracing the alcohol-free lifestyle.

Danielle notes that there are no health benefits of alcohol that outweigh the consequences of alcohol on the body.

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Welcome to the crying in my cheesecake podcast, where we are in pursuit of living life abundantly, not held back by our body size or symptoms, nor are we held back by our hurts habits or other obstacles in life. Learn the secrets to crush it in your health, wellness, relationships, and spiritual life. I am Danielle, your host and practitioner.

And in this episode, I have something special. I have my first real professional outreach guest and guys, it was so humbling. I literally sent an email that was. Just kind of it felt very, like, childish, almost, like, giddy fangirling. And I sent an email to this company that I have come to love and adore.

And I learned about them when, like, literally, I think the same year that I moved from Indianapolis to Southwest Ohio. My husband has is a recovering alcoholic and we have decided to go alcohol free in our home and we did not realize that there was such thing as non alcoholic beverages. We didn’t know that there was such a lifestyle as that and come to find out much of Europe and even in Australia when I was there, non alcoholic drinks are everywhere at bars, at restaurants, like there’s always options.

I got this wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon That was alcohol removed from when I was in Australia and it was delicious. You really, other than like, you know how alcohol has the heat in the back of your throat? This had all of the flavors, the robust flavors of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and it was still just delicious and didn’t have any of those additives that many of our wines and things do anyway.

But all that to say is. I learned about this store. They first opened in Carmel, Indiana, and that’s on the North. It’s a Northern suburb of Indianapolis. And actually my cousin was like, Hey, you know, cause she lived nearby and she was like, Hey, why don’t we go check this place out? So we met there and we did.

And I was just floored at how much was available. And you know, you go into a liquor store or Meijer or Kroger or any other grocery store and you are met with like tons of alcohol. And just like my guest says in here, you know, if you go into total wine, You have to walk all the way through all of the alcohol, the fun stuff, the samples, all of that, in order to get to one small section in the store that has non alcoholic things.

And also, the other thing that I was thinking about and why I wanted to interview her is, I think it’s, It’s important to have open communication about your, the products you’re buying. You need to know what things taste like. What are they going to do to my body? All of that. And then as I continued my education and moved forward.

And through that I learned what adaptogens were and nootropics and that there are drinks that can actually, that feel like you are getting a buzz, but it’s actually supporting your body and their stress levels and so forth. And I love, and I, she corrects me on how to say it properly in the episode, but it’s something like dromae, drum, dromae, dromae, dromae.

I don’t know. She, that’s one of my favorite drinks and I am a jack and diet kind of gal or a bourbon kind of gal. And it gives me, gives you that smoky flavor. So does three spirits. I think it’s, I don’t remember. It’s the nighttime, maybe nightcap three spirit, but we talk about a few names of products in there and so forth.

And it’s just interesting that they’re, she and I also go in and talk about how There really is no self control. When we say that, oh, I’m not going to drink or I’m just going to have one, or I’m just going to have two, it’s so easy to say, oh, I’m just going to do that. But then it’s even easier when our inhibitions are down to just continue going.

And I don’t know if that’s an American thing. I really don’t know. But those of us here specifically in the Midwest, we understand that there’s this abundance, like we’ve always, that we’re always eating too much, drinking too much, and I even joke that in the Midwest, like, the hobbies are eating, drinking, and like, hunting and fishing.

Like, these are the hobbies of people here, and I’m not sure if you’re listening to this from another country or you can weigh in, just send me an email at hello at crying my cheesecake. com and let me know what is, what is your area’s relationship with alcohol and food and health for that matter? Have you heard of adaptogens?

Have you heard of nootropics? Have you heard of, you know, clean products to drink? So in this episode, we go into her story of going alcohol free. And she and her sisters desire to run a small business, a small shop, a boutique. And then we also share, or I actually share with her a story that she had not heard of that happened inside of her store.

So if you would be gracious enough to welcome with me, Kristen Patrick of Lauren’s Alcohol Free Beverages Shops in Carmel and Westfield, Indiana.

Thank you Kristen, for joining me today. I am so like, honestly like fangirling at the moment and and so grateful that you are here because your stores created something new in my life. And something it happened right at the right time in my family’s life with my husband recovering alcoholic and so forth, and knowing.

I was on a health journey as well. Wanted some new things different, but Kristen, you own co own, own, co own, co own a Lauren’s alcohol free store. Is that correct?

So two stores, and then we have our wholesale distribution wing as well. So we’re, we’re, we’ve started selling to restaurants and bars and that’s been a fun journey as well.


my gosh. That is so cool. So I have Kristen here. She is going to talk us through this, but it came, I saw her on Fox 59, I believe is what I saw. And if you’re not from the Midwest listening to this, or even from Indiana for that matter, you may not know what Fox 59 is, but it’s my favorite news agency.

In Indianapolis, got Angela Gannot and all the fun stuff there. But she was on there and my cousin said, Hey, I think I saw this, this store that you might be interested in. And I go in and I just could not believe. It was almost like you open the door and it’s like, The angels are opening because there’s just the ambiance in there.

You know what you’re doing with bringing just even the design of the store and so forth. But I want to know a little bit more of why maybe some of your story. about why you chose to do alcohol free.

Sure. Well, I love the box. I love that you mentioned Fox 59. The, the, the co host Ryan and Jillian have been so good to us about letting us come on a series of times on Indy now.

And what I love about that show is that it’s about celebrating all things local, right? Like it is like, it is dedicated to lifting up, Amplifying the voices of, you know, like small business owners celebrating what a, like this wonderful community we have in central Indiana of shopping, restaurants, boutiques, cafes, nonprofits, and so love Fox 59.

And I mentioned that because I guess, you know, looking back, of, you know, of choosing to open a store. That’s really always been our dream. Like Andy and I, my sister, my business partner, I’ve always wanted to open a store. Like our beginning like I would say like our beginning entrepreneur story is we remember at church, We would bring like these five by seven note cards and like these little Mr.

Sketch pens, and we would just draw designs time. We were at church on like Sunday mornings, which probably that’s not a great thing to confess, but you know, you’re young, right? You don’t know what it is. You don’t necessarily want to be there, but that’s what we would do all three churches draw these fashion designs.

And so that was sort of our first, you know, dream company was having our own, you know, fashion line, but that was his kids. But even then, you know, through college and beyond, you know, we loved to shop local like that. Like, you know, people talk about their dream. Saturday, their dream vacation being like a beach, right?

Or, you know, somewhere sandy in a tiki bar. I’m like, no, my ideal Saturday is finding some little small town with a cute square, finding a coffee shop and like wandering in and out of stores. Yep. Which also leads to that dream of like, I wanna have my own store, like where I curate the items and I, you know, I find just the right things and decorate it in a certain way.

And so that, that has been a shared dream of Andy and me. Okay. But you know, most people would read that like, opening a store is a big deal, right? Like, you, you, that becomes your lifestyle and then you know the resources to, to get it going. So like, if you’re gonna open a story, you wanna feel pretty.

Passionate about what like, whatever it is that you’re choosing to like focus on. So the story goes is that Andy and I had both been sober, what, what people would call now sober curious for a long time, or, or we early on, we were both sort of reevaluating our relationship with alcohol and knowing that we both didn’t have the healthiest It looked different for each of us, but we knew that we could improve in that area.

And we, both of us, you know, you know, fall starts, dry Januaries that would try to go longer, but then, you know, warm weather would roll around or, you know, a wedding or that, you know, that would come up and it would fall apart. So we, we played with this idea of going alcohol free for a long time. Finally got there.

Both of us, not at the exact same time, but both committed to it in 2021. And then, and we knew we wanted to do, like, we love, we do, like, we love a good project. And so we knew, like, 2021, we wanted to do something, like, we wanted to do, like, some sort of project around this idea of alcohol free, sober, curious, Central Indiana Women, maybe I don’t know.

Like we didn’t even know what it was going to be. We just kept on like throwing out all these ideas. Well, then in January of 2022, we came across this magazine article that talked about booze free bottle shops. And so then we kind of had this picture of like that, like that’s what we want to do. There was a store in Charleston, North Carolina.

I, anytime I can give them credit for, you know, sort of creating this picture of the possibility. So Shay You know, it’s a place in LA, New York. And we’re like, yeah, let’s do it. Let’s bring it to Indy. And so it’s like, then it was like this idea, bringing together this dream of having our own local store with, Oh, okay.

This is what it, this is what it could be. And honestly, the plan from the beginning, I’m like fast forwarding a lot of stuff. We’re like, Hey, let’s do it. Let’s have a little shop, a cute little shop and decorate it and we’ll make enough to pay the bills. But what we learned quickly is that the demand was there.

There were so many like that, that, that people were very interested in having a store like this and you know, on the north side of Indy and that we were able to get, yeah, that opened that second store and then even expand the distribution. Yeah, there’s the story. That’s huge.

And I think that that is something like, I just love that you, I mean, even doodling in church, like thinking about that entrepreneurial creativity piece.

And I think that I, and I see that when I walk into either of your stores, it’s very, very apparent. And the fact that you love what you do and you live it and you And I know that you and your sister both research and know what products you get before you even bring it in. Can you talk to us about that?

Like, because there may be some people that are like, Oh, I see a non alcoholic thing, but then they get it. And it’s, terrible or terrible quality.

Talk to us about that. Yes. Oh my God. I’d love to talk to it, but I will back up one, something you said just a moment ago, this idea of we both live it, that we’re both alcohol free.

And I’ll say that when the most powerful conversations we have, cause is when I, I reassure people, yeah, it took me a long time to get here. Like it wasn’t as if I woke up and like, all right, done with alcohol, you know, beside alcohol onward. No, I mean, it was. A long time before I went fully and, and that’s even that I can offer that reassurance that like, yeah, it’s hard to, to give it up, to cut back, to, to, to readjust is probably one of our most powerful practices, right?

As like being shopkeepers is just reassuring people that, yeah, it’s hard. And. You know, it’s like almost like visible. You can be like, really? It’s like, yeah. And, and but we also do a lot of people, not everyone in the alcohol free space is completely alcohol free. That’s fine. We respect people who’ve chosen this mindful drinking lifestyle, but Andy and I have both decided that moderation doesn’t work particularly well for either of us and that we’ve committed alcohol free.

And that always intrigues people as well. When we, you know, Okay, so when we are looking for products, we we want things that taste great because again, our reputation is on the line and we want people to come back. But we’re also so particular about packaging. So there, there have been drinks that we’ve you know, people have sent us samples and it’s like, okay, maybe, but we didn’t love them.

The packaging and we have to, it has to shine on our shelves, right? Like it’s very competitive space and we want it. Something also we’re very mindful with packaging is we don’t necessarily want it to scream non alcoholic. I don’t know if you’ve noticed um, brand called hand on heart. So like hand on heart wine is something that we’ve carried from the beginning.

And I think a reason it’s done so well for us is that it is not obvious that it’s non alcoholic. People pick it up for that reason. So then when they go to the party or the book club and they’re pouring, it’s not, it’s not It, you know, it’s, it’s not advertising to everyone that they’re choosing alcohol free that night.

Yes. So we have, so wine is interesting. So yeah, I want to address wine first. We’ve, you know, we’re going on like, let’s see, we’re probably about like 20 month mark right now. There’s a lot of wines that we sort of weeded out. That just didn’t move. We didn’t, we had less than positive feedback. And so we’re at a place now where we really love everything on our shelves.

We’re proud of it. Even if we might not totally love it, we maybe have customers who love it. And so we stay there. Trust me, Danielle, people do not hold back when they tell us exactly what they think. So very proud of what’s on our shelves now. And then We jump over to this adaptogen space. So drinks or what we would call functional beverages, you know, beverages that promise that they’re going to do something, you know, whether it’s sleep better, take the edge off, you know, just relax.

Now Andy and I are very Clear about our language. That’s like, we don’t want to overpromise, right? Cause we get it that this space, it’s not alcohol drinks space. It’s not an expensive remind people that we just, I mean, our prices are the same as if they were to order them online direct. And so that it’s you know, your, your investment, right.

So like choose some of these drinks. And so, you know, we’re very clear, like we, Hey, this may, this could, this could Potentially have no effect on you, right? But if it doesn’t, it tastes pretty awesome. Right. Right. Or at the very least, it’s going to feel very different than your afternoon drink. You know, your LaCroix, your Diet Coke.

It’s going to, it’s going to be something fun and cool to drink in the evening, but we’re very careful about not over promising. Yep. So in terms of functional beverages, some of the ingredients that we see most often would be like ashwagandha. And Althea nine, which are the two back active ingredients and hop water, hop water sells very well for us.

And it’s interesting because grocery stores don’t know what to do with hop water. Like they don’t even know what to put. They don’t know where to put it. They don’t know what it is, but I guess that’s to our benefit because we love hop water and we, we have all the flavors. We sell tons of hop water.

But hop water is also interesting with these marketing, which is, you know, social media marketing, which is driving a lot of people to our store. It’s like hop water is marketing itself as beer that is not really beer. You know, it’s, No, it’s like a really good, yeah, like a better, brighter sparkling water.

How would you

like for me? It a hop water, it does taste like a crisp sparkling water, but not so crisp. It’s like a Perrier, like a fizzy Perrier or anything like that. But it’s also like, just this for me and for, I run very high stress for me. It just gives me that chill pill in the afternoon or evening.

I’ll drink it at like an hour or two before bed. And my husband and I, we have a routine where we watch a show together, an episode of something together, and he’s having a non alcoholic beer and I’m having a hot water or whatever drink. And that is one of my favorite things and all the different flavors.

It actually tastes like the flavor instead of like the weird fizzy waters that say they taste like something, you know what I mean?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Hop water is awesome. And, and I love chill pill. That’s like perfect way to say it. Like a lot of these drinks are like a chill pill. And then also, so, okay.

So high O is another one that that’s, that’s very well for us. And that’s, that’s ashwagandha, reishi mushroom, ginseng, lemon balm. So loaded with feel good ingredients. The way I describe it to people is plant based ingredients that a lot of people agree make you feel nice.

That’s a really good way to put it.

Like I’m a mushroom girl. I am sold out to all the mushrooms. Well, the ones that are legal, but, but I, Rishi is one of my favorite lion’s mane for focus, you know, core steps for independence for immunity. But I just bought hi yo from you guys back in December. I still haven’t. I tasted it in the store, which that’s another thing too.

If you guys already have something open, it’s so nice to be able to sample just a little tiny bit and like, Oh, okay. I could see how that would work. Like, I love that, but you’re right. Like the different flavors and there’s something for everybody,

right? Something for everyone. And HIO, HIO is a top performing product in our store.

And I say, listen, even if you, if HIO does not deliver on feelings of floatiness, right. Cause that’s our timeline. I’m like, It tastes really good. And it’s vegan, gluten free, certified organic, 30 calories a can. Oh, and that’s a good

point. That’s a really good point that you just said the gluten free thing.

Many beers are not gluten free, but Hop Water, Hi Yo, those are gluten free and it It gives you the fun feelings for the most part, like if you’re one of the people that respond to it, you get the fun feelings as well. Can we talk real quick about one of my, I have actually three other favorites. So I’m a bourbon kind of girl, like I bourbon whiskey, like that’s my thing.

And so finding that kind of flavor and that kind of feeling. Almost doesn’t exist, right? Like it doesn’t give that heat in the back of the mouth and that’s, you know, that kind of feeling. So I have leaned toward is, I don’t know how to pronounce it as a drama, drama.

Oh, oh, that’s so funny. So Danielle, no, do not apologize.

We realize not long after we’re like, we’re messing up all the names, like all the happy days. We’re like, we’re, we’re talking on them. So what we did is we started a pronunciation guide. On our website and we send it out to a bunch of founders and we’re like, Hey, could you maybe record how to say your brand name?

And we were saying drama, we were saying drama. And Dave, the founder, he recorded a little message for us and said, it’s drama and it means dream in Danish.

Okay, that’s awesome. It is one of my favorites. I know Diet Coke’s not the best for you, but it’s one of my favorites. I can mix with Diet Coke, and it gives me the feelings and that calm and whatever as well.

But it’s got that flavor profile.

Well, and like, here’s my other kind of pitch on drama is because we, we have like developed like this cult following of drama fans is that, you know, all of these functional beverages have a different combination of active ingredients, right? That’s, that’s great. That’s what makes them.

I always say like drama has all the active ingredients, like you name it, it’s in there. Like, like you said, the MCT oil lion’s mane, like It is in there.

It’s all in there. And it’s just, it makes me feel wonderful the next morning as well, because it just helps give my body that rest or helps me lean into rest that I am actually, that I’m trying to get from alcohol in the past.

And I’m able to get from functional herbs and, you know, adaptogens and so forth. It’s just, It’s amazing. And I have a

lot going for it. So one, we have a lot of people who land there who haven’t totally been satisfied with zero proof bourbons. That’s fine. I get it. Right. Like, I mean, you’re taking the alcohol out of a high proof drink.

It’s not going to taste exactly the same. Yeah. So we have a lot of people land at the drama. Who were maybe looking for a zero proof bourbon whiskey alternative, didn’t love the samples, but they fall in love with DROMA. We have people who really want to feel something, like they are stressed out, anxiety, they’re like, give me something that is going, I like that, I like, what are my best chances of feeling something?

And I’m like, well, the DROMA, probably, the DROMA probably. And then also, as you know, Danielle, like, it’s a gorgeous bottle. So like, you know, it’s pretty. It’s like this, like this piece of art. Like, so even, you know, maybe even if you’d let it sit, which no one lets it sit, because people will come back and buy over and over, it looks beautiful on

your bar chart.

Yes, it does. And we have a wet bar that is all dry.

I mean, so

we do, we have, it looks it in that bottle stands out and you’re right. Like that, going back to that, You know, it has to look a certain part that is huge for me as well because it’s not most people know that I do alcohol free and I talk about it all the time, but even then I don’t really want to talk about it.

Like, I’m not in the mood to always talk about it. And so having that just beautiful bottle there. It just, I don’t know. It just seems less intrusive, right? Like less intrusive. Yes. Yes. So I want to circle back to something you said about you being very, you and your sister being very honest and so forth.

And even one of your employees, she’s so beautiful, so sweet. Just so honest when you, when we walk in and they just sharing stories and all, I love that. There was a gal in there, a customer in there, and she was standing, she was newly sober And she was, you know, scared to talk about it and like we all just kind of came together and had a conversation like you’re not going to be perfect and it’s okay, but here are some ideas what what trips your trigger like what makes you what do you enjoy and so we all stood there together and just supported her and it was beautiful and I love it but I’m also a Hoosier so I’m going to talk to anybody and everybody right like I am.

But that’s just, that’s the ambiance that your store offers or store, both storefronts do. And I, it’s, I love it. It just, it is that Hoosier hospitality. It is that space of, Oh my gosh, no matter what I bring in these doors, I’m accepted and I can go and be curious, or I can go and learn something new. And I love that.

Something I wanted to I’m going to go into is my husband went overseas for duty things and he noticed that there are so many in a options everywhere overseas. I went to Australia in October. I’m going back in March. And the non alcoholic sections are so, like everywhere you go, bars, you go to restaurants, you go to just little side pubs, you go to the grocery store.

And the alcohol removed wine that I had, I’d never had anything so good in my life. And it’s, it’s such a culture, it’s like we’re slow to catch up. What are your, what are your experiences with

that? Yes, it sounds like definitely. Yeah, I think that we’re, we’re catching up or like, you know, UK has definitely been the trailblazers were where we’re seeing the dry bars and even some more like public service movement of getting people to.

Slow down, rethink. But still, Daniel, that was so kind what you just shared. So, now I’m backing up because I’m like, that was so kind what you shared about just, you know, being a safe space. And, and I think that, but, but to, to, to tie it all together is this idea as this non alcoholic industry grows, right.

As, as the U S catches up or as we see more of these options mainstream, right. Whether it’s, you know, Target, Meijer, Kroger, you know, it is a little bit scary. It’s like, okay, well, are we going to be like. Are we going to be obsolete? Are we going to be needed? Are we going to, but then it’s like, well, no, that we’ve created this space that, you know, like for example I’ll just say total wine, right?

So total wine superstore, they have a pretty decent selection at the very back of the store, but someone newly sober, isn’t necessarily going to want to walk by like 10 sample tables, to get non alcoholic shots. So something like that. I was like, you know what? And then, you know, when you, I, then I hear, you know, beautiful stories like you just shared, it’s like, okay, yeah, yeah, we were going to hang in there.

You know, one of our business strategies or one of our mantras is we surprise and delight. We want to surprise and delight. Yeah, I realized, you know, sort of like, you know, Guy Kawasaki of Apple, you know, marketing, that was his, you know, mantra. And then I had the pledge I heard Kendra Scott on a panel discussion last year in Austin, it was amazing.

And she talked about, you know, with Kendra Scott, like her goal, surprise and delight. And really Andy and I were like, yeah, that’s us. We want to surprise and delight. And where I’m going with this is, is that we have I know, I think you both, you’ve been to both stores, but like the East store has a fridge, the West store will soon have a fridge.

But instead of investing money in like advertising, we invest it in our fridge so that when someone comes in, they’re like, Hey, I’m 10 days sober, or I’m one year sober. Like. Have a drink like, you know, our treat or, Oh my gosh, you drove all the way from Evansville, then like, please like have a drink, have a drink, or, you know, they, they, they’re, they’re celebrating or something that that’s, that’s part of our approach.

The store is like, we want to surprise and delight. And so that we use that. We want people to feel comfy and loved and that, you know, we want you to be here and that there’s so much to about choosing alcohol free.

And it is and I like it’s very well seen well done, by the way, because it is very much and it doesn’t matter who’s in there.

It very much is exuded in that and that openness and just yeah wanting to surprise because not only do you surprise with the with what’s on the shelf, but you also surprise with the customer service and you surprise with the ambiance and all of that is there, right? And then the delight is just like, okay, I want to come back.

Like, I’m coming back. I’m coming back actually in a couple of weeks and I will be stopping in the store. But that’s, that’s really, it’s always on the list now. Every time we come into town, it’s like, Oh, we got to go stop over there because just see what they’ve got on, on hand, you know, and a lot of things I want to make this known to a lot of things that I find in your store.

You really can’t just order on Amazon or from the stores or things like that. So it, it really does almost force you. Me to create relationships with others so that I can and I think that’s a piece. That’s part of my brand is that I believe that it takes a safe space to then create vulnerability. So have opportunities for vulnerability.

Vulnerability leads to human connection and human connection leads to change and your store totally exudes that ethos. That I am doing over here in my business and my wilderness of wellness membership, all of that, because we become just like the five people that we’re around the most. And I can’t get into the store all the time, but I want to be around more people like that are inside that store.

Does that make sense?

Absolutely. And I, that’s, and that’s what we Kind of create some just opportunities yeah, for community, whether it’s you know, we always get back to everyone on, you know, on social media you know, we did it in person book club that we were now, you know, pivoting to a Facebook group, but even like the newsletter, I, you know, feel like kind of creates a sense of community that like, okay, every other Monday, you’re going to get this.

Newsletter that says, like, hey, here’s here’s what’s going on in our lives. Here’s what’s going on at the store. Have an awesome week, you know and then even just like, yeah, the events and yeah, community is, is, is a big part of it too. Yeah,

and I think that that circles back around to. Your whole purpose, like that whole like journey of my favorite weekend, like Saturday would be to go to that coffee shop, that local coffee shop run in and out of, you know, wander in and out of the different stores and, you know, say hi, get to know the personalities of the community, maybe have something local, which by the way, Ohio does not know how to make a pork tenderloin to save their lives.

I’m just saying they don’t. But. Like just those kinds of things you have, you have created that and it’s beautiful and I am so dang grateful that I get to sit in front of you at least online and get to enjoy the fruits of what you guys have done because it’s beautiful. If there’s anything that you could, some advice you could give people that are maybe sober curious or know that alcohol really isn’t helping my liver, isn’t helping lots of things in my body.

What would you, what advice would you give them?

I would

a couple of thoughts well, okay, well, I would say, you know, for me, this has been the, the, the game changer as someone who tried to give it up many times before. I always say, well, what for me personally, it’s not going to, it won’t be the answer for everyone. And for me, the answer has been having these drinks.

Yeah. Available to me. And that’s been like, it’s a, that is where I’ve been able to stick with it. And I always, I always joke, like that, that’s always been my problem. I’m a drinker. Like I’m, I’m someone who goes to Panera and we’ll drink like six cups of right. Like hazelnut coffee. I’m someone who will go to McDonald’s, right.

And have like three giant cokes of Diet Coke. Like I can’t just drink a little bit. Like, yeah. Yeah. Alcohol included. So to me, like I would, I want, I want all the drinks. And now that I have these options, this has been a big, big deal for me. So I think one piece of advice is we get it that right now at this time that we I acknowledge that some of these drinks aren’t inexpensive and that’s not a, that’s the, that, that’s not us being markup.

That’s just what, that’s what the marketplace is. We’re pretty much charging the same. Price that, you know, anyone’s going to find online to order direct or through Amazon. And so if it’s the price that’s stopping you or stopping someone from maybe using these drinks as a tool, remember like, Hey, this is your health, right?

Like you’re buying it. Like the fact that you’re, you know, that, you know, you’re. By maybe choosing these types of drinks one night that you’re, you’re reclaiming your Saturday morning or like the time, you know, the, the saved product productivity. For, I, I was so lucky I got Jen Hatmaker came to Indianapolis on Saturday and I she was wonderful, listened to in person and you know, she talked a lot about, you know, radical self-care.

And I think that could be a form of radical self-care is, Hey, I deserve the fancy bubbly, the fancy Donna Hulk bubbly. Absolutely. I deserve that. But also, I mean, as far as advice I don’t know, it took me a long time to get there. And, you know, I’m not, you know, I, I, when I see stuff on, sorry, Daniel, I’m not answering your question.

I’m just kind of, you know, Andy and I have accepted that we both struggle with moderation. And so when I see social media posts that sort of advocate for moderation. Like I don’t, I don’t know. You know, that advice doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve heard it framed a couple of ways. It’s like sometimes moderation, it’s like decision fatigue is why it’s hard.

And. By for me to say I’m, I’m done. It’s like, oh, the decisions removed. I’m not, I’m already having decision fatigue from my career, my job, my family, but then add that on top. So now I’m like by saying no, no more alcohol. I’ve removed that decision is like a huge lip. It

is I that is a really good piece of advice there because when we think of moderation.

We think of dieting culture and we think that we’re either good or bad based on our decisions that we make or based on the food or whatever we make. So then we identify as good or bad, but we were not, our alcohol was not made in God’s image. Our food was not made in God’s image. Why are we putting on that identity of something that is Not meant to be and so I love that you made that, that idea or made that point that it’s, it’s decision fatigue when there’s moderation.

Well, have I had enough? Well, I really want more because I really like how I feel. That is such a slippery slope. I am the same as you. I don’t, and most of us Americans really are. Most of us are awkward enough to I think so too! We’re all, all or nothing. Like, I, like, yeah,

you were talking about, that would be my advice is that at least consider this idea of, consider the possibility of, of removing it entirely and think about how that could free up your, your brain space.


Well, and it’s that, and then think about the ripple effects of that. So not just the brain space, but bringing down your cholesterol by simply not adding more toxins to your body. Because when you, when you bring in alcohol, the liver or the whole, the whole body, the liver is like, Oh shoot, there’s toxins.

We’re going to push everything out and stop digestion of everything else. That’s why side effects that you get when you’re drinking. Okay. But it’s going to stop digesting the food in your stomach and it’s going to push everything else out of the colon because it needs to focus on getting that immediate toxin out.

So think about when our liver is doing 500 plus activities every single day and You know, when you’re drinking, I don’t know about you, but when I was drinking, I was eating terribly. I was not one of those women that could just sit and drink. I had to get, I had to eat as well. And it was always crappy food that made me almost feel worse than the alcohol did.

But think about just how much cleaner The liver would be, how much cleaner our insides would be with the least, like, that’s one toxin we can control, right? So, that is one, I’m not trying to like, just, I’m not trying to preach to anybody, I’m not trying to say this is the only way to do life, but it is life


Life changing. And yes and I think along those lines of finding what it finding your motivation, I guess. So I’m a huge reader. And yeah, there’s a lot of books out there on eliminating alcohol, and they all kind of a different story or different angle. And so, knowing that like. You know, maybe like the naked mind, I feel like really focuses on like the physiological effects.

And for some people like, I don’t care. Right. Like, but maybe a book like Holly Whitaker’s quit like a woman, maybe the idea of choosing not to drink to fight the patriarchy is going to be that person’s jam. Right. Or I read not drinking tonight by Amanda White. It’s really interesting because it talks a lot about you know, food.

Issue, you know, food and eating habits, how connected that is to alcohol, you know, for some people that’s really going to resonate. And I think, you know, whether it’s You know, finding like that, those tools in your toolkit, which we are, you know, we say that the drinks are just one tool, right? They’re not everything with one tool in your toolkit, you know, those books and podcasts, right.

Can be powerful tools as well. And just finding the right, like, you know, finding that voice that really, you know, resonates with you. Cause there’s lots of the voices in this space that all kind of have a different angle on choosing to live without alcohol. Yeah,

and it’s all about whatever, whatever path gets us to the healthiest healing state.

Yeah, I love that. So I just want to thank you again for taking time out of your day. I know you had work today and so forth. I’m just so grateful that you would be here. Can you share with us how people can find you and get a hold of your Stuff. All the goods.

Absolutely. Oh, Danielle. Thank you.

This is just, this is a wonder. I thank you. This is so much fun. Our website is lawrenceaf. com. We don’t ship yet. We right. But we do deliver locally within central Indiana. So that’s lawrenceaf. com. Instagram is drinklawrenceaf. We’re also on Facebook, Lawrence Alcohol Free, but if you want to send us an email hello at Lawrence AF dot com, we’ll, I’ll always write you back just if you’re looking for a recommendation or where you can order, maybe finding a bottle shop near where you live.

I’d be happy to get right back to you.

All right. Well, thank you so much for being here. I will be in your shop shortly in a few weeks, actually.

So we’ll send you, I hope you’ll send me a note an email so I can make sure I can coordinate to be there at the same time to give you a big hug.

We’ll do.

I am so grateful for Kristen joining me here on this podcast episode. It’s so humbling to think that in multiple facets of our lives, people are looking out for us. They’re putting investment in, whether it’s businesses or practices like mine, in order to serve the community better and give them better options.

Because it all boils down to us taking action. We can make a decision all we want. Doesn’t mean that we are taking action. Good decisions can also lie in that same area of good intentions. Good intentions pave the road to hell, right? We know that it’s a saying for a reason because good intentions does not necessarily mean we’re taking action.

And so if you would like to step into a non alcoholic lifestyle, Send Kristen and the team at Lauren’s alcohol free an email, find them on Instagram, find them on your social media and start a conversation. I think it’s important to start conversations about these things. And if you are someone who is looking for more root cause support and maybe Lowering your cholesterol, lowering your stress levels that are causing you to lean to these instant gratification things like alcohol or other substances.

You are welcome to book a new patient package with me by simply looking in the show notes for that link. Thank you guys for listening to the crying in my cheesecake podcast. I hope it encouraged you to make the next best step for your health. Take a look at the show notes for more information or other links I mentioned in the episode.

And if you got to this point, come find me on Instagram and send me a DM. Tell me you listened to this episode and what you got out of it.

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