Stay Classy 

We took a trip to Tennessee with my family. We shared a 3-story cabin in Sevierville, TN (Between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg). The cabin name was Stay Classy and the owners are great at responding to texts or phone calls if we needed anything.  They are also a military friendly family, so if you’re a military family just ask for the discount!


Eating lunch on our way down. Little did we know we would be stopped on the interstate for 3 hours after this.



Stopped on I-75. For. THREE. HOURS. By the time we got to our cabin I could have been to Destin, Florida again!



Selfie Stick Fun
Selfie Stick Fun. What else is there to do when stopped?



And here’s why we were stopped.



This one fell asleep in our 3 hour wait.



Looking at the Smokies on our way in.



View from the cabin.


Dad and Eric playing pool after being getting to the cabin.
Daylan and “Bama” Bernie taking pics.



Grandma Bernie with the grandkids.


The three of us in Ripley’s Aquarium. Dietrich was Papa-sitting.


The Lawsons at the horseshoe crabs.


Dietrich and Papa


Dietrich & Papa


The horseshoe crabs. Daylan wanted nothing to do with them of course.


Inside the penguin exhibit.






Excited to have a lolly pop


Walking along the streets of Gatlinburg


Mom and I rode the ski lift up the side of a mountain. I had white knuckles. Mom had her phone out taking pics the whole time.


Mama bear came to check on us. She was sitting on our porch looking in and Dora saw her.


Who needs Ken when you have Hulk?


and Captain America


After seeing the Mama bear out front, we heard rustling under us. Looked down to see Mama scratching on a tree and her two or three cubs playing.


Daylan and I cooking with Paula Deen. The restaurant was great! I lost my sunglasses there though :(.


Let’s take a picture with the bear family.


Believe it or Not. Scary for kids, but we still went 🙂


Can you roll your tongue?


Walk in and took pics to make shadows. Behind Dietrich you can see mine still lingering.


#Precious #love #my girl


Pic after we loaded up and left the cabin to make the journey home.


Activities we did:

  1. Gatlinburg: Ripley’s Aquarium. You can park in their garage for $1.75 for an hour up to $6 for the day. We parked her twice.
  2. Gatlinburg: Food, everywhere!
  3. Gatlinburg: Ice cream is over priced everywhere except the Popcorn place. Hit that one up. For kids you can order a half scoop instead of a full scoop, as well.
  4. Gatlinburg: At Ben & Jerry’s you can buy a cup of ice water for 50 cents. Then you can go back and refill for free.
  5. Gatlinburg: Moonshine everywhere you look. Free tastings and loot.
  6. Gatlinburg: Moonshiners from the TV show, you can take your pic with their cardboard cut outs and even sample or buy their product.
  7. Gatlinburg: Ripley’s other attractions may be a bit scary for the young children. Just a heads up.
  8. Pigeon Forge: The Island. Just do it
  9. Pigeon Forge: Paula Deen’s restaurant. Family style service. Pick 2 entrees, pick 4 sides, pick 1 dessert per person. Excellent food. Excellent price. Don’t lose your sunglasses. DO call ahead an hour before you want to eat.
  10. Pigeon Forge: Tanger outlet mall. There’s everything including Toys R Us. TRU is even stocked with Lego Mini figure bags and those Uglies pets. (Youtube anyone?!)
  11. Pigeon Forge: Wal-Mart for all your other needs
  12. Pigeon Forge: 18″ doll clothing stores
  13. Military family? Then ask EVERYWHERE down there for a discount. I think the only place we didn’t get it was Toys R Us and of course Wal-Mart. Vera Bradley outlet even had a 15% off!

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