The Unveiled Wife Book, a Review


As a child I assumed I’d always get married, have children at some point, and live happily ever after. It’s the model I saw on the old Disney cartoons–do any of you remember watching Disney on that HUGE satellite dish that would turn from different galaxies?! Archaic technology now, but I still can hardly wrap my mind around it!

If you’re still with me, you know that there was a sequence at which this was all to happen: date your prince charming, let him swoon you, get your college education, then get married, start your career, and THEN have babies.

Somehow we are to be women that seem helpless and swoon-able in the beginning, but then masters of all after we are married. High performance as our jobs. The woman that takes care of her house and husband. The woman who is able to have any kind of energy to raise children.

Somehow the television and movies did not portray reality for me.

I remember Beth Moore posting in a Valentine’s Day post a few years ago about how marriage is the single most hardest choice she’s made daily. If you’ve been married for awhile you’ll understand that. My husband and I have been through many battles in our almost 10 years of marriage. Every day it is a choice to continue to stay married and defeat darkness that can hinder us. Some days it is easier than others, but sometimes it is very hard.

I was chosen a few months ago to review the book The Unveiled Wife. I was given an advanced digital copy of the book and then a few days ago received a print copy with the greatest reminders. IMG_5815

My heart has been about taking conversations deeper than just surface-y discussions with our sisters. The women we do life with should not be having surface-y conversations. We need authentic relationships with others so that we can actually challenge each other to live a more holy life.

Compare that to a program such as Weight Watchers or an exercise challenge group. When we are open and authentic, we are held accountable, and then pushed to do better.  What is the difference then with our spiritual lives?

Exercise and dieting aren’t going to get us to our eternal resting place with Jesus (I mean I guess lack of could put us there quicker). It isn’t because we eat correctly or are at a healthy weight. It is the grace of Jesus… dying on that cross for you and for me. When we accept Jesus into our lives, we follow His teaching and His modeling.

The Unveiled Wife book is an example of just one marriage, just one soul, making way for an authentic relationship with other women. She’s leading the way on a broader scale. By sharing her story, the story God has given her, she is opening the door for other women to do the same. When our stories are out there, satan has no control over them. He no longer can play the shame game.

Jennifer Smith’s heart and soul come across in her book. She opens up about her past and how if your past isn’t dealt with then it will create havoc in your marriage. Jen goes so far as to talk about her experience with pornography and its effects on her relationship with Christ and her husband.

Jen hits on topics such as shame, failure, and not being enough. These emotions resonate with me because they are satan’s tools to pull us into his realm, keeping us away from the light that is Truth, Jesus.

So I urge you, go pre-order this book so you’ll get it quicker than when it is released. I urge you to read, mark up this text, take notes, and find community within the pages of The Unveiled Wife. You are not alone, and marriage is something of God. It is the perfect place to learn how to become more like Christ.

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