How a Pregnant Woman Eats Chick Fil A and loses weight

Hi. I’m Danielle and I’m an endorphin junky.

After having my IUI, I was told to not run any more and that’s my most favorite and easiest way to achieve the endorphin high that keeps me sane and my family life and marriage running smoothly. In just 30-45 minutes or sometimes an hour, with the treadmill, I’d come home and have energy for hours into the evening and a pretty even-keel or even better attitude.

Without running, I knew I needed to find another source of my high. Now I really do sound like a junky, don’t I? I tried walking at high inclines and faster speeds. It took way too long to feel good and loosen up. I don’t have that kind of time. I tried the elliptical. I’d get dizzy and didn’t feel all that great after either. Something had to give.

I went back to doing PiYo for awhile. PiYo is pretty amazing and is an excellent workout for cardio, strength, endurance, and stretching. It’s actually one of my favorite exercises to do instead of using weights. Once I was pregnant I couldn’t do the twisting or other movements so I gave up on that.

I started Googling, because Google has all the answers. I tried some youtube videos for Yoga. How had I never tried Yoga before? Though I felt great after those videos, I didn’t feel my high. My mental state was slipping.

Then I Googled one last time wondering if there was a boot camp for pregnant women. Lo and behold there was!

This DVD is my fix. I exercise 5 days a week, and love every single bit of it. Well as much as I can love squats. Sweat drips from my face and down my chest. I get out of breath. When I’m done I feel amazing again. That is unless hormones kick in and then the b**** face comes and well, I have such a graceful husband (large smiles).

I’m not one for exercise DVDs and only gave this one a shot because of Chalene  Johnson spoiling me with her no nonsense videos. This video isn’t flawless, but the workouts pretty much are. When the DVD starts Heidi from What to Expect introduces the video. Her voice is very problematic to my nervous system, and it does fire me up to to workout harder. The only problem is she introduces every single workout and… that voice.

Anyway aside from that, the DVD works unlike anything I’ve experienced before. When the Title Menu comes up, you can click to Select your Workout and then you can choose up to 6 workouts. For example, today I chose 1. Baby Bump Boot Camp. 2. Baby Bump Boot Camp. 3. Cute to the Core. and 4. Whatever the yoga one is.  Each video is 10 minutes long. There are a total of 6 options and you can organize them and do them in whatever order, and you can do one workout or all of them if you wish.

I’m not a dancer and suck at it so after attempting the dance video once, I haven’t done it again.

Here’s an example of my calorie burn after 20 minutes (2 back-to-back Baby Bump Boot Camp workouts).

That didn’t include my last 20 minutes of working out. So I burnt a total of 424 calories in 46 minutes (I had to stop and cut up an apple, I had to go help a little girl on the potty, so that’s why it is a tad longer.) This is also a benefit to videos. I can push pause and resume. It doesn’t inhibit my daily life. Plus I feel so much better. If you see my calorie burn below and the intensities at which I worked out, this is nearly what it looks like when I’m running. It also was enough of a calorie burn to take care of that Chick Fil A craving for breakfast this morning. And I ate a lot. Not gonna lie. In fact, this morning, I was down 4 pounds on the scales and my blood sugar was super low.


This is such a great work out, I think I’ll probably use this to introduce exercise back into my life after my 6 week postpartum appointment to help build up strength again and wake up my muscles before I start running again.

I bought my DVD on Amazon and spent just over $7 for it. It is completely worth the buy for pregnant mamas that are also junkies like me. It’s very low intensity, but doesn’t feel like it.

So if you’re pregnant, want to maintain your weight better and still eat Chick-Fil-A or whatever you’re craving at the moment, give this bad boy a whirl.


This is my own review of this product. I researched, bought, and used the products mentioned above for myself. I did not receive anything in return for my reviews. 

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